As the QuantiaMD name is retired, its functionality lives on within Univadis U.S.

As part of our strategy to deliver relevant, high-value content to healthcare professionals (HCPs), we are pleased to announce the full integration of QuantiaMD with the Univadis U.S. digital platform. With this integration, Aptus Health has retired the QuantiaMD brand.

For over a decade, QuantiaMD has served hundreds of thousands of U.S. HCPs with expert-led educational content spanning both clinical and practice management topics. Hundreds of medical faculty from around the country – many of them leaders in their field – deliver concise interactive presentations and answer questions from named members of the digital HCP community through an interactive comment stream.

With its full integration into the Univadis platform, the QuantiaMD experience and functionality has been rebranded as the Education section of Univadis. This creates a single destination where HCPs can scan the clinically essential news of the day or choose to engage in deeper education through the platform’s unique “Test and Teach” approach that has proven to support improved clinical decision-making.

Members of QuantiaMD are now automatically members of the expanded Univadis platform, which features curated medical news, including the popular Clinical Essentials feature. Meanwhile, all members of Univadis U.S. now have access to the deep education and peer-to-peer interactions that are housed in the Education section of the platform. Membership is free.

For years, the QuantiaMD platform has delivered a distinctly enjoyable and valuable experience for healthcare professionals, as they learn from and interact with experts and peers. Although the QuantiaMD platform and brand name will retire, the experience will live on through the well-respected Univadis platform, which has over 3 million users around the globe. We are grateful to the HCP community and the impressive roster of medical faculty who made QuantiaMD successful, and look forward to serving them with even more content and educational opportunities through Univadis.

This integration also offers expanded opportunities for U.S. life sciences companies to engage with HCP audiences. In addition to the types of interactive, multimedia sponsored content that was available through QuantiaMD, Aptus Health now offers more short-form advertising opportunities – including native ads, sponsored quizzes, and branded alerts – across the entire Univadis platform.

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