Connecting in context: Leveraging geo-location campaigns to drive ROI

A recent eMarketer report reveals that more than 70% of marketers believe that "knowing how customers spend time in the real world is useful in planning marketing campaigns.”

Our clients are leveraging the power of location-based mobile ads (through our Tomorrow Networks division) to make measurable impact on their brands. Patrick Aysseh, president of our Tomorrow Networks division, explains how in this article that appears in BioPharmaDive magazine:

"We're hyper-restricting the locations where we run a campaign. And we have information and insights about those respiratory doctors' offices relative to the universe of respiratory specialists, and to the nation as a whole. This lets us figure out the areas that are most important to our clients—those precise locations where we can get the message in front of the right audience, and where we are likely to have the highest chance of success."

Read the full article here.

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