Infographic: The Doctor's Dilemma

Delivering clinical news and education in ways physicians enjoy and value is a key design principle of our Univadis platform. A new national survey of US healthcare professionals (HCPs) highlights the need for this kind of approach, given the challenge many doctors face when it comes to finding and focusing on the most relevant clinical information.

The study of more than 550 U.S. doctors across five specialties on Univadis found that while 98% of respondents said it’s important to their patients that they remain up to date in their field, 64% said the time they spend doing so is insufficient.

What’s more, 84% find it difficult to prioritize research that will impact how they practice medicine, as evidenced by the fact that 86% admitted that fewer than half of the studies they review actually have a clinical impact.

The survey also finds that web-savvy patients are showing up to medical appointments more informed than ever. In fact, 54 percent of doctor respondents said that a patient has presented them with credible, relevant medical information they were unaware of.

Altogether, this signals a struggle that’s playing out with physicians around the country, which is having a negative impact not only on doctors’ own wellbeing, but also on the relationships they have with their patients. In fact, ninety-six percent of physicians in our survey said patient consumption of internet health information can interfere with clinical consultation.

While there is no single solution to these challenges, Univadis is dedicated to identifying the clinically essential content that’s most relevant for an individual HCP and presenting it in concise way that’s easy to digest. It’s just one effort to stem the information tide and help HCPs focus on the reasons they went into medicine – helping people better manage their health.

Click here for an infographic highlighting some of the key survey results, including the below finding.

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