Life sciences marketers speak: why pharma needs to make digital house calls

“There often isn’t time during the daily schedule to sit down and read a whole journal or even a whole article. With this format, I can review topics I’m interested in whenever I get a break between patients, over lunch, or any other time I have a moment I don’t want to waste.”

–Member of our web and mobile physician community

Clearly, today’s healthcare professionals are hungry to connect – with their colleagues, with the latest clinical information, and with trustworthy, high-value content on relevant therapies and treatments.

Two new industry whitepapers—MM&M’s Communicating with the Connected Clinician and eyeforpharma’s Customer Experience and Beyond: Why Digital Changes Everything—explore some of the trends and opportunities life sciences companies have to meet healthcare professionals in ways that matter to them, through resources they’re already using—from online communities to Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and mobile devices. Industry experts from organizations including Bayer, Teva, IMS Health, Novartis, Takeda, and others share their perspectives on areas in which pharma marketers might want to double down on their integrated digital tactics. Opportunity knocks

Opportunity #1: Doctors are open to accessing pharma sponsored content.Data cited in these papers show that 85 percent of U.S. physicians are interested in accessing pharma-sponsored content on non-pharma professional sites. Our highly respected HCP communities, including Univadisand QuantiaMD, prove that every day by engaging Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) in the topics that matter to them with messaging that supports our clients’ education and awareness objectives.

mmmwhitepaperFor example, not only do we see great organic traffic to these sites, we’re seeing record-breaking completion rates—illustrating the power of high quality content and a convenient format to earn and keep HCPs’ attention.

Opportunity #2: EHRs present pharma with a chance to get as close as possible to the point of prescription, offering game-changing potential.Integrating initiation support into EHRs has shown value – especially for some of the trickier on-boarding drugs. Our new RxStart™ solution is a great example of how pharma companies can maximize the point-of-care opportunity and increase new patient starts. For example, a recent survey of our HCP community found that 44% of respondents cite “ease of prescribing” as a key driver in their decision to prescribe a particular drug. That represents a huge point-of-care opportunity.

Opportunity #3: Different healthcare providers—even those that treat the same condition—have different information needs and approaches to patient care. The key is to ensure that pharma’s messages are delivering real value across their audiences, whether it is a specialist, a surgeon, or a nurse practitioner.

eyeforpharmapaperIn fact, a recent survey of our own community found that 98% of oncology-focused nurse practitioners and physicians’ assistants are interested in receiving education from pharma companies—and their interests, which focus on patient experience and management—are not the same as oncologists’ interests. Our multi-channel, multi-audience engagement strategies flex to different target audiences to avoid making them feel as though they are literally “targets on a dartboard.”

Of course, this is just the start of what doctors expect of their digital experiences. In less than 10 years, 75 percent of the workforce will be digitally native millennials who already expect an efficient, innovative, and tech savvy experience. Will you be ready to deliver the services they expect and value?

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