Our RxStart Solution: Prescription Support. Delivered.

The most recent addition to our family of solutions is now up and running, and showing early signs of success. Thanks to our strategic partnerships with three Electronic Health Record (EHR) and ePrescribing partners—NextGen HealthcareOffice Ally, and NewCrop—this innovative approach to helping patients start and stay on their medications is available to over 75,000 U.S. providers, and is now enrolling patients. 

The market is ripe for this kind of engagement solution. In fact, recent data from Decisions Resources Group shows that providers are looking for more value from their EHRs; 40% say they want to see patient assistance programs and one-third of them want to see coupons, vouchers, and/or drug samples in the EHR. Our RxStart solution fits the bill perfectly—embedding prescription and patient support tools within the EHRs of its strategic partners.

Let’s hear from those strategic partners now on why they believe RxStart is a great way to offer healthcare solutions to their users:

“The RxStart solution is unique in its ability to leverage the power of the EHR workflow to educate, inform, and enroll patients into a program that provides free trial medication for which they are eligible. It also reflects our continued mission to make our EHR an indispensable tool for ambulatory practitioners.”   — Gene DuAime, VP Life Science & Strategic Alliances of NextGen Healthcare
“Medical practices today are faced with greater demands to operate more proficiently and to blend quality patient care with strong customer service and an efficient back-room operation. Partnering with Aptus Health to bring our user base this innovative RxStart solution is just one more way we’re helping providers smartly use technology to make their office more efficient while making their lives easier and better serving their patients.”  — Brian O’Neill, president and CEO of Office Ally
“We are hearing from our doctors that the RxStart solution is improving their patients’ new medication experience. Our providers appreciate the easy and comprehensive nature of the program, integrated into the prescribing workflow.  The program directly addresses compliance issues with the initial free trial, home delivery, and the support of a personalized care plan.” — Lawrence Susnow, M.D. Chief Medical Officer at NewCrop

The RxStart solution is built right into the provider’s e-prescribing workflow, allowing them to enroll eligible patients in the program and to facilitate delivery of a free trial medication supply directly to the patient’s home.  Patients typically receive their free trial supply within 24 hours, along with educational materials and ongoing telephonic patient support.

We’re grateful to be partnering with these organizations to further engage providers at the point of care and create a more positive experience for new-to-brand patients.

For more information about our RxStart solution, click here

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