Strategies for brand launch...and beyond

A new report from McKinsey explores some of the elements that go into a successful brand launch, and why innovative products aren’t enough. The report cites pharma executives from Roche, Novartis, Shire, and Biogen.

Based on the way we work with our clients, a few of their comments caught our eye, including these:  

The importance of bringing together multiple audiences in the decision making process --as with our geo-targeted mobile messaging campaigns and patient feedback programs that engage both HCPs and their patients in important conversations about their therapy: 

“With decisions taking place at the interface between the patient, the physician, and the payor, it’s imperative that the whole organization is involved in the lead-up to and implementation of the launch.” - Ahmed Elhusseiny, Roche

The importance of a laser-focused value proposition for HCPs, and the appetite to promote it over the long term—and maybe even across multiple channels: 

“We knew it would take time for physicians to buy into it, but we positioned the product that way from day one. It’s about having a long-term positioning and staying the course to execute it.” - Adam Townsend, Biogen

The importance of having a global team that offers local know-how, as our multi-national clients enjoy:   

“…it’s not about whether you’re running a country organization or working in a global function; it’s about having the right people sitting at the table to talk about the local execution that needs to be done to drive your long-term strategy.” - Perry Sternberg, Shire

Whether you’re preparing to launch a new brand, accelerating an existing brand, or even defending a mature brand’s market share, our intelligence-driven campaigns can help keep your brand message top-of-mind across multiple audiences, over time, and around the globe.

Click here for a case study that illustrates how the right multichannel engagement strategy yielded measurable impact on healthcare professionals’ awareness and use of a newly launched brand.

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