Synchronizing HCP and Consumer Messages

Theoretically, everyone understands the value of connecting healthcare consumers (HCPs) and consumers to spark conversations about important care decisions. 

We’re taking the theoretical to the real world, using point-of-care geo-targeting data and analytics to synchronize HCP and consumer messages on topics such as therapy choices, efficacy, cost & coverage, and more—delivered to the precise locations where decisions are happening. 

Here are a few insights from the work we’ve done with our pharma clients to engage multiple target audiences and drive behavior.

  • In a geo-domed mobile campaign aimed HCPs and their patients, we found that significantly more non-writer HCPs click on mobile promotion than those who are already prescribing the brand – a clear indication that this approach can help drive brand awareness and growth in the context of a patient visit
  • Patients who engage in targeted mobile ads in a clinician’s office are more likely to re-engage in branded content when they visit the pharmacy, suggesting the power of point-of-care messaging to inspire behavior
  • Coordinated brand and formulary messaging to both consumer and HCP audiences has shown to be incrementally beneficial to a brand over other promotional activities in terms of NRx lift, generating at least a 3:1 ROI for many of our clients' brands.

To explore examples of our interactive, next-generation mobile ad formats, visit our demo site.

And, if you’re planning to be at ePharma in New York, join our session on March 21 at 12:15pm as we co-present a case study with Boehringer Ingelheim in a session titled “Synchronized HCP and Consumer Campaigns: At the Point of Care and Beyond.”  

Hope to see you there! 

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