The power of expert-led digital content to support clinical decision-making

The pace of medical knowledge is increasing at a blistering rate, with an estimated half of current medical knowledge becoming obsolete every five years.  Even the most experienced physician can’t keep up with all the changes in healthcare.

Yet when relevant clinical content is delivered by trusted experts in a convenient format, healthcare professionals (HCPs) report changes to the way they think about and practice medicine.

Every day, members of our web and mobile communities engage in exactly this kind of content, presented by experts in their field.

In fact, data from Decision Resource Group’s Manhattan Research report shows that Aptus Health’s digital HCP communities are a top resource HCPs cite for accessing medical education, which can be highly influential on clinical decisions.

Meanwhile, our own series of surveys—as illustrated in this report—reveal the power of this platform to support better clinical decision making on a range of topics related to chronic condition management.

They also demonstrate how our unique approach influences how HCPs prescribe therapy in areas such as cardiovascular health, respiratory health, and diabetes management.

Download the report here—and imagine how you can leverage this approach for your own HCP engagement, education, and awareness efforts.

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