Video: Real data, real people, healthy results

Part of the reason our geo-domed mobile advertising campaigns work so well for our pharma clients is because of the hardcore data analytics and technology behind them.

But perhaps an even bigger part of their success is due to our clear acknowledgement that behind each mobile device is a person—their victories, struggles, joys, and needs.

This new short video from Tomorrow Networks (the division of Aptus Health that provides the data-driven mobile element of our multichannel campaigns) beautifully illustrates the power of hyper-local, hyper-targeted outreach to connect healthcare consumers to information that helps them make better decisions – whether that’s asking their doctor about a therapy that might be right for them, understanding which brand offers the best value based on their insurance coverage, and more.

We’re also bringing our track record of success with branded pharma campaigns to non-prescription health and wellness brands, such as OTC (over-the-counter) products, as illustrated by some of the scenarios in this video.

Odds are you’ll recognize some of your own experiences here. After all, we’re all human.

For more information, download this overview of our approach to connecting consumer and HCPs in context (including a real-world case study). 

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