Geo-targeted formulary status messaging drives pull-through

A lot can change over the span of just a couple months – changes that can have either a positive or negative impact on a brand.

Today, many brands are feeling the impact of a recent change in formulary status. Whether you’re basking in the win of an improved position or trying to defend against competitive products that may have recently won a higher status, you can’t afford not to get your message out there.

Geo-targeted mobile messaging—whether in the physician’s office, the pharmacy, or even in a patient’s living room—is a proven way to promote your message in ways that drive awareness and growth. In fact, recent data suggests that adults who have seen pharma ads at the doctor’s office or pharmacy are 84% more likely to discuss the ad with their healthcare provider, and 68% more likely to ask their doctor to prescribe a specific product.

Excerpt of data from “Point of Care: Why Care?” prepared by Kantar Media for the Point of Care Communications Council

Our award-winning, ROI-generating approach leverages the power of mobile, location, and audience-specific data to engage both healthcare providers and patients with contextually relevant content at key points in their decision-making process. These mobile messaging campaigns are quick to launch and easy to scale, so you can start generating results soon for brands at just about any lifecycle stage.

Let’s talk about how we can help better position your formulary position for key audiences.

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